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Bradley L. Bonner holds a Master’s Degree in Music Education from the University of Central Florida where he served as an adjunct in the Education Department for over twenty-five years.

He retired in August of 2009 from a 34-year position as an Elementary Music Specialist for the Lake County School System.  Mr. Bonner holds a Level Three certification in Orff Schulwerk.  Brad has directed music programs in local churches for over 35 years, and he is the President of BLB Studios.

His current work focuses on developing animations that teach the elements of music.  Mr. Bonner serves as the Music Education Specialist for the Fort Worth company, Rhythm Band Instruments and has presented sessions and workshops throughout the USA.

(Bloom’s Taxonomy is the framework for each lesson.)

Bradley L. Bonner, M.Ed.,
President, BLB Studios
email: blbstudios@aol.com


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